Motorcycle Wash


Price: 10.99


16oz. 8-10 cleanings per bottle.

Green Klean “Organic” Motorcycle Wash is the easiest way of keeping your bike clean. Its not always easy to find time to wash your motorcycle…but now its simple. With Green Klean you’re no longer using harsh chemicals and a water hose but an organic bike friendly product. Green Klean is safe to use on your wheels, chrome, exhaust pipes, windshield, instrument panel, engine, wires, fuel tank…virtually every part of your bike. With our quick and easy Motorcycle Wash you can ride with a clean and shiny bike every time.




Biker Bugz Motorcycle Wash

w/ Free Bug Sponge

Price: 7.99

bikerBUGZ is formulated for bikers who like to ride but don’t have time to clean. One of the issues in taking a long distance ride is the amount of bugs that get on your bike. We have the solution for you. Our 16oz bottle is small enough to take with you on any ride and its organic formulation will safely remove the bugs from your bike. Simply spray, rub and wipe off all those nasty bugs and get back to riding clean again.”


Leather Conditioner & Cleaner – 1 Quart

 w/ Free Applicator

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An amazing Leather Cleaner & Conditioner in ONE!!!  Save yourself a step…there is no need to clean the leather and then apply a conditioner.  Simply apply Car Brite Leather Conditioner & Cleaner to your seat, rub it in and then feel the difference a true conditioner makes. Sold in Quart Size only.

Key Benefits:

  • Safely and effectively removes a wide variety of contaminants from leather surfaces with minimal scrubbing
  • Replenishes natural oils to leather surfaces, extending service life
  • Cleans and conditions in one step – saving time and expense
  • Ready-to-use product requires no mixing
  • Also cleans and conditions rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces


Weather Shield Paint Sealant 

w/ Free Microfiber Towels

 In order to help you protect your bike from environmental hazards that wage war on your paint you are going to need a Weather Shield.  Car Brite’s most durable paint sealant now available to protect you from bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, tar, bugs, acid rain and UV rays that dull out paint.  Traditional waxes that contain carnauba will only last a couple of weeks but Weather Shield will protect your paint for months.

Key Benefits:
  • Car Brite’s most durable final finish product
  • Produces deep, rich gloss
  • Provides protection against surface contaminants and UV rays